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3io                         BYZANTINE CHURCHES                        CHAF-,
retain sufficient traces of their former decoration In dark blue, gold, and red to give some Idea of the effect of colour on marble In Byzantine churches.
The pareccleslon Is in two bays. The western bay is covered by a high twelve-sided drum dome, with windows In each side separated by flat ribs. In the compartments are figures of the archangels in tempera, with the legend, c Holy Holy, Holy, is the Lord God/
The eastern bay is covered by a dome vault, and terminates In an apse semicircular within and lighted by a triple window. It has neither prothesis nor diaconicon of its own, but communicates with the original diaconicon of the main church. The three transverse arches in the bay are tied with wooden tie beams carved with arabesques and retaining traces of gilding.
On the north and south walls of the western bay are large arches enclosed In square frames and with finely carved archivolts. Above the south arch Is a slab inscribed with the epitaph to the memory of the celebrated general Tornikes* There are no Indications of an entrance under the arch. It may have covered a niche, now built up, Intended to receive a tomb, possibly the tomb of the sebastocrator Isaac.
The archivolt of the arch in the north wall Is formed of acanthus leaves turned over at the points ; the spandrils are filled with the figures of the archangels Michael and Gabriel, bearing appropriate emblems,, and above the crown of the arch is a small bust of Christ. In both arches the carved work is exactly like that of the eikon frame In the south-eastern pier of the church, and closely resembles the work on the lintel of the eikon frames in the church of the DIaconissa. Both archivolts were originally coloured," the background blue, the carved ornament gilt. The use of figures in the decoration of the church Is remarkable. They are In bold relief and executed freely, but shown only from the waist up. The windows, like those in the outer narthex, have a central arch between two semicircles (Fig. 63).
Two passages, which cut through the north wall, lead